Gatearas hasta tenerme - 9mm

era en otros tiempos,
era otra la historia..
oh oh oh oh
no habia medallas
solo hambre de gloria
oh oh oh oh
solo se jugaba por la camiseta
como en e

Nobody Knows - 999

nobody knows nobody cares
you always give as what you get
and never think of what you must forget
your back street semi sweet carry on the good work


English Wipeout - 999

hello london
lets move onto birmingham
what about scotland
edinburgh and glasgow
here comes newcastle
middlesborough garden

there's gonna be

I'm Alive - 999

it's a sad affliction causing me restriction
this isn't what i wanted to do
i just cant belive it i would like to leave it
and get into somethi

High Energy Plan - 999

high en-a-ena-energy plan
high en-a-ena-energy plan
high en-a-ena-energyy plan

way ahead of everybody
automatic plant
generating, activating
water w

Emergency - 999

we've heard it all before
we're learning to ignore
you must confess this awful mess
isn't just a bore
it's more than we can bear

Brightest View - 999

the ones who had the brighthest view
they total now but very few
and those who brought us no relief
and all those lying there beneath

and when you see

No Pity - 999

not much time to stay alive
try the hard way take a dive
got a new one call it sue
wont be long now coming through
have your own way i don't care

Biggest Prize In Sport - 999

when i wake up in the morning
or when i go to bed at night
suddenly without warning
you know it make me feel alright

the biggest prize in sport
the b

Rael Rean - 999

song about a place i used to go [spoken]
there's a place
used to go
got to the music on radio
and you cant help but gfeel it
walk through the door

Inside Out - 999

turn the wrong way your socks don't change
your shirt could too but the shoes are strange
eyes are facing the other way
in backward talk you try to

Pick It Up - 999

deliberate intentions ger written on walls
get your cheap free advice on radio calls
i wanna wear clothes that i care about
the shirts that i shoose

Hollywood - 999

so many people have opinions
but i don't care
they tell me about the millions
that just stand and stare
don't you know that i feel so good

Homicide - 999

i believe its homicide
i rest my case don’t cast aside
you better believe it
that’s the truth of it
take it or leave it
resign to it
homicide homicide

Mercy Mercy - 999

in a dark backroom or a crowded street
in private life or public speech
keep everything away from the stifling grip
the bureaucratic eye, the red tape br