Bullet For You - 98 mute

All my life i've been searching for

something right

A quick fix to help ease the pain

A remedy to make life more sane

Like novocaine

All this time what i've been looking for

is been right before my eyes

Everything i've ever wanted is already mine

You're the reason i feel so alive

True whaat i think about you're

the reason i thrive

Everything i ever say or do

I yes i gladly would die take a bullet for you

Yeah i'd take a bullet for you

I'd take a bullet for you

I feel you in every breath in every

single move

It's as if you're a part of me

Synchronization of our heartbeats

Makes me complete

Talk to me

It's suck a pleasure to hear you say

my name

Walk with me

It's so much an honor to stand by your side

All this time like a martyr for a lost cause

You are the perfect reason to die for

Everything i'll ever say everything i'll ever do

One thing that i know

I'll take a bullet for you

I'll take a bullet for you