Crack - 98 mute

We've had enough of you

And your do as we say not as we do

Where the hell do you get off

Thinking your better than us

Who are you to make the rules

The same rules you always abuse

Your someone we'll never trust

We'll respect you when you respect us

We will thrive while were alive

Nobody's going to bring us down

We'll bend but never break

You can't take us

You cant make us quit

Never falter Never Fail

We've got the will to fight

The future is ours to take

You can't break us

You can't make us

Cracks in this armor hard to find

Search all you want but your wasting your time

No weak link No Achilles heel

Just a burn we'll make you feel

Formed from ire and angst

A deep resentment coming of age

Don't look now but here it comes

The revolution has now begun

There is nothing you can say or do

We'll anticipate your every move

You can do or you can die just stay out of the way

If you must try to fuck with us than you know this now

We will make you pay