Fight Of Your Life - 98 mute

Patience breathe slowly

Keep 'til the pain subsides

Ill try not to make you laugh

Because I know it hurts so bad

Stricken without warning

No portent No tell tale signs

Silent laying half alive

With angels weeping at your side

Hope you wore your riot gear your in for the Fight of Your Life

Best you wear your finest suit You may need some makeup tonight

Your eyes tell me that you're not through and you'll battle through this plight

Better do all you can do cause one things true you're in for the fight of your life

Slowly count backward anything to clear your head

Waiting for an outcome

Unending sadness makes you numb

Search for a religion

It's as close as you'll ever get

Paling fingers intertwined

God how could you be this unkind

Searching deep inside for some safe sanctuary

Try to believe what I told myself were lies

Hoping you might end up in some better place

But no afterworld renders this pain justified

I cant let you leave I wont let you go

I can't put our friendship on loan

You cant go this fast How will we write your epitaph

Too many words to fit on one headstone

This is the Fight of Your Life