Hit You Back - 98 mute

Condition Critical its getting physical

Why does it have to be this way

You think you have a droit license to exploit

Authoritative right of way

We won't stay frozen by the oncoming headlights

We won't be beaten inside out by parasites

You taunt us and we will fight back

Don't think were scared of you and will not react

Count on a counterattack

I promise if you hit us we will hit you back

If what goes around always goes around

The circles nearly complete

As we bid adieu a little gift for you

Our reciprocity

Eye for an eye Hand to hand We see your jibes

And raise you our clenched fists

If you steal our daily bread

We'll make sure you choke on it

We won't be intimidated by half-wits and idiots

We won't be charmed by any two-face hypocrites

We know how you think

You underestimate us

Push us past the brink

And we'll be sure to take you down with us

Sorry folks the party's over

Parting gifts are at the door

The culprits have been unmasked

You hit us we'll hit you back