If We Quit - 98 mute

I'm breaking down because were breaking up

Sometimes too much is still less than enough

My soul is bleeding

I can't just quit you

We said forever

My hearts still beating

I'm telling you if we quit now we both lose

It's sad but true If we quit now we both lose

I'm warning you if we quit now we both lose

We wont We wont lose

We started strong but somehow came up lame

We saw we conquered too bad we never came

The conversations we held in future tense

Now I wonder if we'll bother to end our sentences

Some people spend their lives wishing for what we've got

So darling please don't make this time we spent all for not

I know that sometimes I can make you feel so crazy

Sedate me if it makes things better

But maybe what you need is a little insanity

We could howl at the moon together