Miss Lucy - 9811

Hey hey miss lucy can you tell me why

You put a drop of special sauce in your pumpkin pie?

Hey hey miss lucy i'd really like to know

How a lollipop in your mouth can smoke and glow.

You know i think you're all right.

You know i think you're kinda groovy.

You know i think you're all right.

Hey hey miss lucy it's been much too long

Since you've played that old piano and sang that song.

Hey hey miss lucy you know the one i mean.

All about a spider and a rock, 47 and number 3.

Sit back and relax miss lucy i'm just hangin' out with my friends.

If it takes me forever i'll be back again.

Hey hey miss lucy just the other day

I rode by on my bike and they said you went away.

Hey hey miss lucy where did ou go?

Everyone says you won't be back guess i'll never know.