No Pity - 999

Not much time to stay alive

Try the hard way take a dive

Got a new one call it sue

Wont be long now coming through

Have your own way I don't care

This is my way ?solitaire?

In the event of going insane

Whatever I loose will be my gain

We're gonna make you fall

We're gonna take it all cos we have no pity

Thake whats yours don't wait for me

I belive its all for free

Thinking fast now make our move

It's a hard thing to improve

Show me your integrity

You're no better than me

Give me all that you possesses

It's my answer to success

Don't ask me to remain aloof

Seek yourself or tell the thruth

Got no shame that's how I feel

Don't you ask me to conceal

Show you my anatomy

Be a real good thing for me

Had to happen to collide

All because you really tried