Send in the Clowns - 98 mute

White power synonym for coward

Hope you enjoyed your stay

This is your final hour

Terminated lease

Cut off like deadweight

Good bye and good riddance to you

And to all of your hate

Hate crime the product of weak minds

Undernourished thought its ignorance defined

Sheep in wolves clothing

Bred from self loathing

You only hate them because you hate yourself

Your crippled followings a tattered hand me down

I'll try not to crack a smile as you send in the clowns

You can reminisce about the days when you felt proud

But don't look now cause your white worlds turning brown (Burning Down)

See through never will I be you

Barking at a world that doesn't even see you

Fading from our sights

Like a failing religion

Preaching to empty peuhs

We'll never listen

You hate Yourself and blame everyone else

That void you're hearing now is the sound of silence

As the muzzle mutes you and your shameless nonsense

It was not nice meeting you and the pleasure wasn't mine

Hope I never see you sometime

Goodnight white pride of lions

Your kind is quickly dying

On the verge of your extinction

Funeral with no distinction

Goodnight white pride of lions

Your kind is quickly dying

We hope you enjoyed your stay

We can not tolerate your hate