Simpler Days - 98 mute

Growing up at a hundred miles per hour

Relentless pursuit of absolute power

Engines of progress full steam ahead

Ranting and raving while being force fed

Deafening sounds of machines humming

Fury and pace of people running

Endless noise of the blood pumping clock

Flash of the lights pulsating nonstop

Tear down these walls Its progress we can have it all

Infrastructure falls Its progress that's what we call it

Traditions are erased Gone without a trace

Take me back to simpler times and simpler ways

Simpler Days

Round and round spinning our wheels

Into the ground the grinding of the drills

No time for family No time for rest

Got to work quick make the world a mess

Relief is nowhere to be seen

Foreclosure of the American dream

Domino theory takes hold

Our future has been bought and sold

Biding our time

Our chances slip away

Being done in

By devices we create

Twisting-Turning resources burning for our conveniency

Pulling-Ripping out stitching that fuses our families

Fighting-lying we are dying harm that cannot be undone

Breaking-Bending here's the ending were writing our own requiem