Slow Motion Riot - 98 mute

What have we here storm before calm.

Strung out on fear so pass me the napalm

Break Bread with me before it is stolen

Sleep with one eye open silence is golden

Life a magazine Death a Reality

Drug dealer heroes thug celebrities

Rush hour gridlock may seem drastic

An open road compared to drug traffic

Starving to death on a Quaalude diet

Living in a Slow Motion Riot

Concisness it has been gagged and bound

Better make your last confession

The worlds doing its best impression

Of a ship with nowhere to go but down

Skyscraper fantasies Ghetto realities

Dreams watered down like softcore pornography

Watch your step gang related death

Funeral day wonder whos next

Crime is the standard built up Immunity

Only care if it's our community

Smokescreen safety can't trust the Government

In this world hell seems heaven sent

Were in a Slow Motion Riot

Life a Fantasy Death Reality

Life a Quarantine Death a courtesy

Life a Brevity Death Finality

Life a foul disease Death a Remedy