Survive - 98 mute

I'm gonna put it to you like this

I don't want this to come to fists

But the bottom line is that you've reached the top of my shit list

Two trains on the same track and you can bet you and I we are going to bang heads

Friendship unraveling like yarn through we share a common thread

I know your not blind so why cant you see

The curtain that has been drawn between you and me

A friendship that has eroded with time like a mountain into the sea

You wanted to make your dreams a reality

But your reality is now a dream

Are you the person that you really want to be

Or a fraction of the friend who once knew me

Done more harm than you could ever afford

Open your heart and you're sure to find more

In life than you can find at a local liquor store

Your personality has been seduced

By chemicals you over abuse

You're in a tailspin and there is nothing you can do

Your shenanigans used to amuse me

But ive grown tired of your tomfoolery

This running joke is way past its prime and way past decency

A vodka tonic a day will keep the memory away

Yore not conscious when you are awake

Drink and drive don't care who dies

Motherfucker you've been risking lives

You could be the one who won't Survive