Things Uncertain - 9811

You were too young to play the fool, but

Sometimes they break the rules.

Burdened by your emotional bruise;

Hovering the skies, the demons roost.

I hear them voices ringing, halleleu --

A child is born. i hear them angels

Singing, halleleu -- halleleujah,

I tend to believe in things uncertain.

I tend to conceive in things uncertain.

They were always chasing after you

But you angel held fast, wouldn't

Let them through. now they crucify

Her -- what will you do? darkening

The skies, the demons roost.

You were young enough to believe.

You pray. you were too young,

Young and free to take it away.

But i saw your knees,

Were down, on what they said.

And you were young, and so naieve, that's you.