You Can't Lose - 98 mute

There's so many corridors for you to explore

Just when you think you've seen it all you find something more

Always one more aisle to pursue in this department store

Just be sure you don't forget to purchase what you came for

Take a look around do you like what you see

A vast ocean of opportunity

You can always make a change if your view does not suit you

So many splendid paths from which to choose

You can't lose

Stumbling through the world one day I met a man of depth

He was kind and spoke wisely this is what he said

For what it's worth life's worth the wait

Try to sample life from many plates

Paint your life use palates with many paints

And in gold you'll be worth your wait

Lose sight of yourself for a while

And act foolishly just like a child

Make sure you live your life out of style

Break free from the rank and file

An endless storybook always another page

And each chapter can end the way you choose

You've been cast the leading role and your whole life's a stage

Experience is the one thing you can't lose

You can't lose

If you never try you've already died

So you better try

I'm telling you no matter what you do

You can't lose